Nina’s Story


Nina Chesworth, a 37-year-old woman, shares her inspiring journey of sight loss in this episode of “Henshaws InSights.” Her sight loss began 15 months ago, and she had already lost her right eye 11 years prior due to complications from a flu virus she contracted at the age of two. The virus led to Chronic Uveitis, affecting her cornea and lens, resulting in several Corneal Grafts, lens transplants, and cataract removal surgeries throughout her life.

Nina opens up about the emotional challenges she faced, particularly the guilt she feels about relying on her family for help. Having a son named Dylan, who is now nine years old, added to her concerns, as she initially rushed into having children due to the fear of losing her sight. However, Dylan has been her rock throughout her journey, treating her with unwavering love and support, which gave Nina the strength to cope with her sight loss.

Despite losing her sight, Nina remained determined to live life to the fullest. She successfully ran a café business and continued to enjoy activities such as going to music festivals, cinemas (with the help of audio description), and even driving a camper van. She emphasises the importance of accepting one’s circumstances and adapting to new challenges, especially with the aid of technology like Apple’s voiceover feature.

Nina’s story serves as an inspiration to others with visual impairments, demonstrating that life can still be full of joy and excitement. She encourages acceptance as a key to moving forward and making the most out of one’s situation.

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