Synapptic software

In this video, Richard demonstrates accessible Android software for visually impaired people from Synapptic.


This video discusses “Synapptic Software” designed to support people with sight loss and various disabilities, allowing them to use smartphones and tablets with ease. The software modifies Android devices, providing straightforward menus and access to typical functions found on regular devices.

The software’s interface is demonstrated in the transcript, showcasing how visually impaired users can navigate the device. By dragging a finger over the screen, the device emits sounds to indicate the location, enabling easy navigation. Additionally, Synapptic’s magnifier feature helps users zoom in and out of text, change colours, and convert photos of documents into readable text.

The video also mentions the use of voice control or dictation to interact with the device, making it even more accessible for individuals with different disabilities. Users can make calls, access the internet, use social media, and enjoy entertainment options like music and podcasts.

Furthermore, the software allows users to customise settings, change font size, and reorganise menus to suit their preferences. The “App Launcher” feature permits easy access to existing applications on the device.

The video briefly mentions a TV solution from Synapptic, which allows users to navigate television menus with voice commands or voice feedback.

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