InSights - Kim’s Story (video)

In this episode, Kim shares her experience and challenges with her sight loss. Kim talks about the initial impact his sight condition had on her, and her family, and how her young children helped her get through challenging times when she was diagnosed at the age of 30.

Kim talks openly about some of the challenges and misconceptions she has been faced with over the years, the groups and activities she takes part in and how she regained her independence in a world not designed for people without sight. Kim has recently released a cookbook for visually impaired individuals, more information can be found here: InSights are intimate personal stories of sight loss from individuals sharing their greatest challenges, their greatest fears, their darkest times and how they overcame them and moved forward in their lives.

We hope these stories will resonate and encourage others to move forward on their own sight loss journey, as well as help sighted people to understand more about what visually impaired people experience.