ACC April 2024

Over the past few weeks at our Arts And Crafts Centre, our artmakers got creative for World Poetry Day, everyone had a wonderful time at our Spring Fun Day, and we introduce Andrew, another of our fantastic artmakers.

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day was on 21st March. Artmakers from the sensory workshop showcased their creativity by writing a poem that was inspired by their smoothie making session in which they learned about the different fruits, including health and well-being benefits, and tastes and textures.

Read their fabulous poem below:

All The Fruits, by Sensory Arts artmakers

Grapes and Apples all the fruit
Yummy, yummy, yummy what a tasty pursuit.

A smoothie and ice
Topped with a slice
So very good I could have it twice.

We pick and we choose, and then we blend
We taste and we try and then we amend.

It’s got lots of colour
Definitely not duller
It’s safe to say I’ve never been fuller.

Two artmakers sat at a table making smoothies with fruit including orange, banana and melon. There are kitchen utensils on the table including a knife and a peeler.

Spring Fun Day

On 30th March, the Arts And Crafts centre hosted a spring fun day.

It was a day full of activities, including an Easter trail, Easter bonnet decorating, cookie decorating, and a huge painting board that anyone could have a go at! And of course, there were lots and lots of delicious Easter eggs.

The weather was extremely kind to us, with bright sunshine for much of the day, a welcome break from the miserable weather we had been having.

A group of children outside painting on a canvas

Artmaker Spotlight

An interview with Andrew Saise

Tell me about you and about your disability.

“I’m totally blind, I haven’t had sight for the last 40 years, because I went blind when I was six due to a brain tumour.

The last thing I remember seeing is being in hospital looking down the ward, the next morning I woke up and couldn’t see a thing.

Then I was sent to a place called Park Dean school which was a special school.”

What does your disability mean for you?

“It’s hard because I have to ask people for help a lot. Reading and things. I have to have carers in the house.

I live with someone called Vinny who also comes to Henshaws. I sometimes get on his nerves telling all my jokes, well actually all the time.”

How did you hear about Henshaws?

“At my last school I came for a viewing and ended up joining Henshaws College in 1997.”

How has your life changed since coming to Henshaws?

“It’s changed a great deal, since coming here I have made lifelong friends, like Shelly, Jenny and Sam who I have known since 1990!”

What is your advice for anyone else thinking about coming to Henshaws?

“Basically take it in your stride if you can, take everything as it comes because it’s such a lovely place. Just give everything a go.”

Henshaws graphic with pink and purple shapes

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