Christmas Fundraising at our Arts and Crafts Centre

Support Henshaws this Christmas for our most visual time of the year fundraising campaign.

Christmas can be a very different time for those living with visual impairment, hearing loss and other disabilities. Enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and experiences of the season is not always possible.

At Henshaws the festivities are brought to life in a variety of inspiring ways and all are allowed to experience and enjoy their senses through a number of creative outlets.

At the Arts and Crafts Centre, Knaresborough, everyone is busy producing pictures and baubles, cards and wrapping paper so that others can decorate their Christmas with some Henshaws joy!

The Christmas fundraising campaign is accompanied by an emotive video, showing the art makers at work and their heartfelt expression of gratitude to the donors and supporters who have funded the service.

It will be launched across the charity’s social media channels to raise much-needed funds to ensure that those living with visual impairment and other disability can live their best life, not just at Christmas, but all year long. Please help them to keep on discovering, creating and building confidence in this safe and inspiring environment.

The Arts and Crafts Centre is a vital resource for those who attend its workshops but is also an important community hub. We are appealing to the people of Yorkshire for their generous help in supporting the delivery of a service which is so vital to so many.

Stephen Tongue, Director of Fundraising

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