Our Young People Christmas Fundraiser!

Support Henshaws this Christmas for our most visual time of the year fundraising campaign

Imagine not being able to see at the most visual time of the year – Christmas?

That is exactly the sentiment that we, Henshaws, the leading North-West sight loss charity, is hoping to convey to Mancunians in our latest fundraising campaign as we aim to raise money to help over 79,000 people across Greater Manchester to have a better Christmas visually.

We are launching this campaign with an emotive video featuring visually impaired youngsters explaining how Henshaws has changed their lives and thanking those who have donated to the charity ensuring they have a better life.

The campaign will be launched across our social media platforms and press with our hope to raise funds to help visually impaired people live their best life not just a Christmas but also all year long.

Christmas is, without doubt, the most visual time of the year, with lights, decorations, food, festive films and more, but imagine if you had trouble seeing all these wonderful things. We are appealing to the people of (Manchester) to help us continue to deliver a service that is essential to those children and adults with visual impairment to help them enjoy this festive period.

Stephen Tongue, Director of Fundraising

Just £5,000 could fund the Children and Young People services for a whole month so that young people with reduced vision can appreciate Christmas even more.

Can you help match £1 for £1 with our corporate supporter-Beaverbrooks Charitable Foundation.

Every £ you donate to our appeal in Manchester will be matched £ by our wonderful corporate supporter in Greater Manchester.

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