Next Steps

Supporting young adults who no longer have an EHCP to access and explore future provision

What is the Next Steps programme?

The aim of the Next Steps Programme is to support young adults who no longer have an EHCP to access and explore future provision in a personalised and meaningful way.

This includes an enriched programme filled with meaningful and personalised activities that embed ongoing learning, exploration and self-development.

The programme is personalised to support each young adult to increase their independence and help them on the path to achieve their personal aspirations.

Where is the programme based?

The programme is based at Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre, which is near Knaresborough. The site provides a safe, open and welcoming base for our learners and supports their integration into continued adulthood

Five Goal Outline

During your time on the programme, we will work on five core goals:

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    Supporting independence and development

    Managing time and developing skills to increase independence in the community and at home.

  • Accessing the community and contributing towards it

    Exploring preferred activities and learning how to access them.

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    Understanding personal health and wellbeing

    Encouraging our learners to develop best ways of maintaining personal health and wellbeing.

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    Enhancing opportunities for communication

    Building a range of communication skills with friends, family and the community.

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    Supporting a well-managed, meaningful transition into adulthood

    Enabling our learners to access their future in a meaningful, personalised and fun way.

Faces of Next Steps

The next steps programme has been exactly what Geena, and we, needed. Namely; a bridge from college into the adult world, a shift from education onto a more life skills based programme and ultimately, a successful phased move from Harrogate to a new provision in Leeds.

The set-up of the programme is genuinely designed to help young people with disabilities move forward and take on their futures with confidence.

Geena’s mum
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