Anonymous art sale: supporting creative therapy at Henshaws

After the success of Henshaws 100s art sale in 2022, we are back this year with a fresh and rebranded exhibition. ‘Art Anonymous’ is an online charity art sale launching this Autumn for art lovers everywhere to get involved in something a bit different and potentially bag a piece of art from one of their favourite artists, all while supporting Henshaws’ efforts to care for people living with visual impairments and a range of other disabilities.

For many of the individuals we support at Henshaws, art offers a huge form of creative therapy that allows individuals to express themselves differently.

The exhibition aims to promote the idea that no matter your physical ability, we all have the power to create beautiful and creative artwork, and everyone should be given a chance to achieve this. This idea is at the heart of Henshaws’ Arts and Crafts Centre, which is set in the idyllic surroundings near Harrogate. Our day centre provides a range of art therapy, creative therapy, and various creative workshops run by local artists throughout the week for those living with disabilities and visual impairments, helping them learn a variety of skills from pottery to music to woodwork.

‘’We are very excited to bring you a captivating exhibition of works by predominantly professional artists. The works have all been generously donated to help us raise much-needed funds for Henshaws.’’

Clare Granger, High Sheriff of North Yorkshire has co-organised the event as a talented artist and patron of Henshaws Charity. 

The artwork in this exhibition has been created using a variety of media and is mostly postcard size. It will include paintings by both national artists and artists local to the Harrogate and Knaresborough area, as well as the talented Art Makers who attend Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre. There have been some incredible pieces donated by professional artists who regularly display their work at prestigious galleries and whose work is collectable.

Every piece of artwork is available to purchase for £100.00 and in many cases, this will be a huge bargain! Such contributions will be a vital fundraiser to help support the wonderful work going on at Henshaws. With only one available of each artwork, buyers need to be quick to guarantee the one they want!

  • Description: Abstract oil. Colourful flowers, iris like on blue background.
  • Description: Watercolour with pen. Village street scene. Cottages and school.
  • Description: Watercolour. Beach scene. People below fenced promenade with small jetty.
  • Description: Collage of overlaid shapes and colours. Greens, mustard and blue tones.
  • Description: Tooled leather. hummingbird in flight from inside the flower perspective. Blue and beige hues.
  • Description: Watercolour. Sailing boats in mouth of natural harbour with sun rays breaking through the clouds.
  • Description: Soft pastel colours, displaying a canal side on a summers day.
  • Description: Impressionist acrylics. Cottages in sand dunes, fence, wildflowers, stormy sky.
  • Description: Black and white sketch pigeon on a bare branch.
  • Description: Oil landscape. Snowy mountains, conifers and river to foreground.

Adding a unique edge to the experience, all artwork on sale is anonymous, encouraging buyers to purchase based on the visual aesthetics alone with no pre-conception of the artist whose work they have chosen. A full list of contributing artists will be included in the art sale listed online, with the specific artists name revealed only upon delivery. All mediums were welcomed for submission, photography, prints, watercolours, acrylics, drawings, textiles, and etchings. Artists taking part include figurative painter and High Sheriff of North Yorkshire Clare Granger, Penguin books illustrator and distinctive artist Richard Adams and Cotswolds based Landscape artist Elsa Taylor who takes inspiration from the beautiful surrounding countryside. Alongside a long list of other award-winning artists who have kindly donated their works to a good cause. A range of original and beautiful pieces by art makers from Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre are also on sale. The majority of artwork – perfect to start or add to your collection – will be delivered mounted and ready to frame, thanks to The Whole Picture Company, who are based in Harrogate.

“Art is for everybody, it does not discriminate no matter what age, colour, creed, religion or disabilities. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t see the world with such clarity or are unable to express their thoughts verbally. But despite their disabilities we believe they have created work strong enough to stand side by side with the best in this online exhibition. Let your sight, heart and mind decide what art is and not the signature in the corner of the picture. Proceeds from the art sale will support Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre, an inspiring place that brings people together in an atmosphere that never fails to inspire. Through an array of creative workshops, people living with a range of disabilities discover their talents, put them into practice and realise their full potential. Open to all, the Arts & Crafts Centre is a community hub where creativity, friendships and opportunities come to life.”

Sid Hines, Artist and Organiser

“We are very proud of our anonymous art sale and everything it represents. It allows people to judge the art solely on the image in front of them rather than the artist and takes away any prejudice. We are so grateful to the incredible array of artists who have participated in this, and I would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of them. Art is at the heart and soul of what we do at the Arts and Crafts centre and our artmakers put so much love and passion into everything they create. It is incredible that this exhibition allows them to not be judged by their disabilities but to be seen and praised for their remarkable abilities.’’

Flora Simpson, Henshaws Senior Fundraiser,
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