Henshaws Anonymous Art sale is a huge success!

We are delighted to share the wonderful news that our online art sale has achieved remarkable success. We are so grateful to all those who contributed and played a role in making this event a huge success. Thanks to the support of both the participating artists and those who purchased the art, we have successfully raised over £10,000. This amount is truly life-changing for our charity and the individuals we help through our creative day support services.

A special acknowledgement is due to Clare Granger, the High Sheriff of North Yorkshire, a gifted artist, and a dedicated patron of our charity. She generously devoted her time to co-organising the event alongside another talented local artist, Mr. Sid Hines. Both of them also graciously donated their own artworks, all of which were swiftly snapped up within the first few days of the sale.

Our gratitude extends to every artist, whether professional or amateur, who generously contributed their artwork. We had the privilege of showcasing each piece, many of which were expertly mounted, free of charge, by Jack and his team at The Whole Picture Company in Starbeck.

The diversity in subjects, mediums, and styles was truly inspiring, enabling us to offer art that caters to a wide range of tastes. We take immense pride in the fact that pieces created by our Artmakers, at our Arts and Crafts Centre, were displayed alongside works from well-known and admired artists. Our service users are overjoyed to see their artwork purchased alongside pieces by renowned artists.

We wanted people to judge the art solely on its aesthetic appeal and by the personal connection they felt with a piece. Art is at the heart and soul of what we do at our arts and crafts day support centre. Like any other artist, our Art Makers put love and passion into everything they create.  This exhibition has allowed people to see their talent and not simply their disabilities.

Flora Simpson, Senior Fundraiser at Henshaws

All the proceeds from the art sale will support Henshaws, including the Arts and Crafts Centre in Knaresborough, where Artmakers crafted pieces for the sale. This is a place that fosters a wider sense of community around the Harrogate area, and which never fails to inspire. Through a variety of creative workshops, individuals living with a range of disabilities discover their talents, put them into practice, and realise their full potential. Open to all, the Arts and Crafts Centre serves as a community hub where creativity, friendships, and opportunities come to life.

We hope that everyone who purchased a piece will enjoy them for many years to come, knowing that their support has made a significant difference in the lives of many.

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