Sight beyond Vision

A Beginners Guide to Visual Impairment – Help and Education for Individuals and their Supporters

Why this booklet will be so invaluable

Thanks to Bev, a dedicated Henshaws service user, and User Voice Group members, for passionately explaining why this booklet will be so invaluable to so many:

“The idea of a region-specific information guide for people new to visual impairment is a simple and obvious, yet genius, idea. I would’ve really valued something like that. Receiving a visual impairment diagnosis is life-changing, and you can  feel in a wilderness. Not everyone gets to have a reassuring chat with someone to advise immediately after their diagnosis, or wants that chat immediately.

A VI handy guide / manual would give people that knowledge that there are plenty of support options out there. Everyone’s experience after their diagnosis is different, so having a guide with information about lots of different services would help someone to find the support that’s right for them.

Not only would this guide help a visually impaired person, it would no doubt help their loved ones too.

Visually impaired people should know what’s out there as soon as they are diagnosed, but equally should feel able to ask for support when they feel ready, and a guide like this would certainly help with that.”

Our Sight beyond Vision booklet covers the following areas:

  • Emotional Impact of Sight Loss
  • Role of Eye Clinic Liaison Officers
  • Low Vision Clinic
  • Certificate of Vision Impairement (CVI)
    1. Registrations & Benefits
    2. Location Council Registration
    3. Local Council Sensory Teams
    4. Benefits
    5. Access to Work
  • Jargon Busters
  • Useful Contacts and Links

Sight Beyond Vision

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