Martin Ralfe - Blind Since Birth

Howdy, I’m Martin Ralfe, and I have been blind since birth. I’m a father, a husband, and a technologist.

I attended mainstream education from 18 months old through to further education. Originally, I left school with 12 GCSEs and was on my way to building my career in youth work and sports development. However, it was around the time of choosing a college course I decided to change things up and go into computing.

Since then, I’ve completed several Microsoft Certifications including Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Server Administrator certs, and I am a Certified SCRUM master and SCRUM Product Owner. I have an extensive skillset in digital areas, including project management, service design, user research, service delivery, accessibility, and digital inclusion.

I’m a father to two brilliant children, one of which has inherited some of my eye conditions. This encourages me to advocate for inclusion in education.

I have a German Shepherd Guide Dog called Diesel who is nine, and we’ve been a partnership since August 2017.

I’m a solution seeker. I love technology, and want it to continue to empower people with sight loss. I strive to be a part of it and help ensure technology and digital services are accessible.

Through my content, I hope to provide insights into living with visual impairments, and share snippets of my life that may help you to navigate sight loss.

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