Are my parents sight impaired?

In this short video, Martin Ralfe addresses the cause of his sight loss and answers the question, “were your parents sight impaired?”.

Martin also touches on his educational journey, noting that he attended mainstream schools. He had access to the same opportunities as his peers, although he occasionally had to advocate for himself.

Video description

Are my parents sight impaired?

To start, Martin clarifies that his parents are not sight impaired, nor are any of his relatives. He explains that his eye condition resulted from a mutation during fetal development. An excess of protein caused his eyes to overdevelop, leading to his condition.

Mainstream Education

Martin goes on to describe his schooling, sharing he attended mainstream schools throughout his primary, secondary, and further education. He highlights that he was provided the same opportunities as his peers, though he acknowledges that he had to advocate for himself in certain situations. His narrative reflects a determination to succeed in mainstream education.

He briefly touches on the complexity of the question about his background and indicates that discussing his educational journey could lead to a more in-depth exploration, which he refers to as going “down a rabbit hole”.

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To find out more about Martin and to discover more of his content, you can visit his TikTok page.

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