Commuting with a guide dog

In this video, Martin takes us along for his commute home from work with his guide dog, Diesel. The journey starts with a 15-minute walk, followed by a train ride, another 5-minute walk, and a second train ride, ending with a 10-minute walk to the destination!

Video description

Commuting with a guide dog

The video details Martin’s commute home from work with Diesel, his guide dog. The route is quite lengthy but manageable when all the connections are smooth. The journey involves a fifteen-minute walk, a train ride, another five-minute walk, followed by another train journey, and then a final walk of just over 10 minutes. If all goes to plan, this should take an hour and twenty minutes, starting from headquarters at 6pm and arriving home around 7:20pm. Diesel does a brilliant job at safely navigating Martin through the stations, providing invaluable support.

Potential delays

Usually, Martin catches the high-speed train from Liverpool Lime Street, referred to as the “Nova.” He often faces delays, as any issues lead to a switch to a slower, stopping Northern service instead of the Nova. This can add at least an additional 30 minutes to the journey, extending it to two hours.

Making it home

The total travel time can vary depending on specific circumstances, including the need for extra stops, like when Diesel needs a break. The video ends with shots of Diesel guiding Martin through the final ten minute walk of the journey, assisting him when crossing roads.

Martin helps to provide insights into commuting to and from work as a blind man with a guide dog, including the realities of catching trains and using public transport.

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