When a guide dog poops?

What do blind people do when their guide dog poops? Martin Ralfe helps to answer this question.

Like all dogs, guide dogs must relieve themselves at some point. This can present unique challenges for visually impaired owners who might not be able to see where their dog has been.

In this short video, Martin takes his guide dog Diesel for a walk and shares how he deals with him going to the toilet.

Video Description

When guide dog poops – preparation and cleanup

Martin shares that it’s crucial to always be prepared and to carry poop bags. It can be challenging to locate and pick up the waste due to visual impairments, but owners are encouraged to clean up as much as they can.

Did you know? Guide dog owners are legally exempt from picking up dog waste, although the norm is still to pick up after their dogs when feasible.

The dog can help!

When a guide dog poops, they typically stay near the area. They’re also trained to find nearby litter bins, which helps their owners dispose of waste properly.

This video presents a glimpse into responsible pet ownership, while acknowledging the daily realities of visually impaired people and the invaluable support their dogs can provide.

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