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  • Mark holding a Sm@art Technology Button with Text that shows Revolutionary Road Crossing and Henshaws Logo

    Sm@rt Technology: Revolutionising road crossings

    Posted Feb 2024
  • Mike testing out the naviBelt from FeelSpace

    naviBelt – a belt that guides using directional vibration

    Posted Oct 2022
  • How to use a sighted guide.

    How to use a sighted guide if you’re visually impaired

    Posted May 2021
  • Mark tests out Microsoft Soundscape

    Putting Microsoft’s Soundscape app to the test!

    Posted Sep 2020
  • close up of a cash machine card socket

    How to use accessible cash machines

    Posted Aug 2020
  • Simon & Mark. The Symbol Cane.

    The Symbol Cane

    Posted Jul 2020
  • How do you use white canes?

    How to use the different types of white cane

    Posted Apr 2020
  • Crossing the road safely.

    How do you cross the road safely when you’re blind?

    Posted Mar 2019
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