Performing Arts

This workshop provides a safe and supportive space for individuals with disabilities and special needs to become an Artmaker and explore self-expression through performing arts.

We tailor our sessions to accommodate each participant’s unique needs and abilities, focusing on building confidence, enhancing communication skills, and fostering creativity.

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Artmaker Hannah in costume from the ACC Tempest performance holding a handmade staff.

Performing Arts Workshop

Everything you need to know about our Performing Arts Workshop.

Led by experienced theatre professionals, we employ various communication methods, including sign language, ensuring everyone can engage fully.

Our workshop equips you with valuable, transferable skills applicable to everyday life, such as confident communication, problem-solving, motor coordination, and teamwork.

Discover your creative potential in our inclusive drama workshop at Henshaws’ Arts and Crafts Centre in Knaresborough. Designed with an inclusive approach, our workshop nurtures confidence, communication, and self-expression for all participants.

Kind words from our Artmakers

  • Blooming marvellous! I blooming love and adore it. I love everything and am enjoying rehearsing for the Tempest because there are lots of different characters and the story brings everybody together again at the end. I like my character Prospero, and the games are really good fun too.

    HR Artmaker
  • I love it, it’s the greatest feeling of my life to be honest. I loved learning Makaton and I feel I have much to give others. I would love to learn more, maybe do level one training. They are part of my world and my family, and I will keep these experiences in my heart. And cherish these life moments. It helps me to get to know other people and come out of my own shell and comfort zone and bring more of myself into workshops rather than keeping it all inside.

    KB Artmaker
  • I like it. I like the plays that we do. Because they are good fun. Good to do. The Makaton helps with communication. I have been able to speak loudly and clearly in my role. Hopefully this helps outside. Yes I interact with different people.

    GB Artmaker

Join us at our Performing Arts Workshop

Experience personal growth and development in essential life skills, employment, and social interactions. Join our transformative drama workshop today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and empowerment.

Artmaker Danny dancing in our music workshop

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