Craig’s story

Craig has transformed the way that he eats since attending our cook it workshop and learning about healthy eating. Wendy Harris, workshop leader tells us Craig's story.

Art Maker Craig sitting in the cafe at the Arts & Crafts CentreCraig holding up a plate with a hot dog that he has prepared in our Cook It workshop

“Craig started at the Arts & Crafts Centre several years ago. For the first couple of times, he wore headphones throughout the cook it session. Craig likes to listen to music on a loop as it’s something that’s familiar to him. He would often sit in the corner and not be interested in joining in with the food preparation.

But slowly we supported Craig to have the confidence to take his headphones off and to try different foods as part of the workshop. Initially, he was very particular about what he would and wouldn’t eat. He would only eat certain foods in a particular order and not if they were mixed on the plate. We have supported him to try foods in a safe environment so he now feels confident to try new things. Now he eats just about everything. His diet has completely changed so he can eat a range of healthy foods and he’s happy for foods to be mixed together.

When we first told his mum what he’d been able to eat she couldn’t quite believe it! Everyone working with Craig has seen a massive change in him. As well as having a much healthier diet, he now talks and laughs with the group and is happy to join in with the session.

Craig has also progressed by developing his skills within the kitchen, washing and drying up as well as preparing and cooking his own lunch. He is steadily improving his knife skills and veg preparation.

We’ve supported Craig to take lots of small steps along the way to get to this point and it’s fantastic to see the progress he’s made.”

Art Maker Graham and workshop leader Wendy getting their equipment ready to prepare a healthy meal in the Cook It health and wellbeing workshop

Join our cook it workshop

In each session you will learn to prepare and cook a healthy meal in our training kitchen. You’ll plan the whole process, from choosing recipes to picking seasonal ingredients from our vegetable patch and bringing them back to cook. You can:

  • Prepare and cook a healthy two course lunch
  • Learn about healthy eating and nutrition
  • Develop skills in setting and clearing the table
  • Wash, dry and put away your kitchen equipment
  • Discuss and plan each week’s menu with the group.
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