Sally’s story

Sally has developed her confidence in designing and bringing to life her own ideas in our pottery workshop for people with disabilities.

I like pottery because our workshop leader is fantastic. My favourite activity is painting bright colours and guessing what they are going to look like when they come out of the kiln.”

Sally, Art Maker

Art Maker Sally holds up a ceramic crocodile in our pottery workshop for people with disabilities

Art Maker Sally holds up the pottery crown she has made and disaplys her pirate ship complete with gold jewellery and pirate as part of our pottery treasure island showcaseTwo pieces of paper showing the designs for Sally's pirate which she has made in our pottery workshop for people with disabilitiesArt Maker Sally holds up a ceramic crocodile in our pottery workshop for people with disabilities

Makiko Hastings, workshop leader said:

“Sally works hard in the pottery workshop and likes to be involved in all of our showcases, including our latest Treasure Island window display. I support Sally by giving her suggestions to choose from, for example to make her pirate she had to decide whether to use a coil or chunk for the body. I will often demonstrate different techniques on a separate piece of clay for Sally to copy.

She has become so much more confident in her drawing ability, and developing her own creative style. Sally now believes that what she draws will become a finished product. It’s all part of learning to follow the design process through. I know that I am just there to give prompts so I can suggest things but I make sure all Art Makers have the freedom to express themselves through their work.”

Art Makers creating clay bowls by stamping individual shapes from clay in our pottery creative workshop

Join our pottery workshop

We can teach you simple techniques to create your own pieces out of clay, from simple hanging decorations to 3D sculptures.

  • Learn basic pottery techniques including coiling, slab building and pinching
  • Enjoy the tactile experience of working with clay
  • Create your own pieces from the design stage to the finished product
  • Try out different finishes including glazing and painting
  • Understand how to keep safe in the studio.
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