Vicky’s story

Vicky has been coming to the Arts & Crafts Centre twice a week since it opened nearly 20 years ago. She is excited about a new project she’s started working on to create streams of paper lanterns in natural shapes in our paper workshop.

I like getting messy so I enjoy doing lots of paper mache. Making mini lanterns has been fun and I’ve picked it up really quickly.

Catt helps me make the spiral shape using wire which is quite fiddly but also fun to do. Then you have to put quite a few layers of tissue paper on as sometimes the first one drops off! Finally we decorate the lanterns with glitter, sequins, gold paint and varnish.

A lot of my school friends are here at the Centre. It’s sociable and fun. I can put my creative skills into practice.”

Vicky, Art Maker

Art Maker Vicky holding up some of the paper lanterns she has created in our paper creative workshop

Catt, workshop leader said:

“I had this idea and thought that Vicky would be an ideal person to put it into practice as she is always keen to try new things. It also uses some of the transferable skills she’s developed by working with wire in the jewellery workshop. I start the spiral and then Vicky carefully layers on the tissue paper. The plan is to add twinkling fairy lights into each lantern. We’re also hoping to develop the project into organic shapes such as big sculptures and larger decorations.”

Art Maker sticking on layers of newspaper to create a paper mache bowl with the support of workshop leader at our arts & crafts centre

Join our paper workshop

Explore paper making techniques and ideas for paper creations including gift tags, cards and collage kits. We will encourage you to come up with your own designs for projects and want you to have fun!

  • Develop techniques for layering paper by working on papier mache objects
  • Improve your dexterity by trying different practical tasks
  • Learn how to differentiate between a range of textures and colours when decorating your work
  • Improve your design and time management skills as you plan future projects
  • Develop your communication skills through interaction with art makers, staff, volunteers and visitors.
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